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5 New Year Fitness Resolutions


Setting new year fitness resolutions are extremely important to ensure that you start the year off on the right footing. These resolutions can be dietary, motivational or in the form of goals that you want to achieve by a certain date. Jozi Iron are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals this year by sharing 5 new year fitness resolutions that will benefit everybody.

Fitness Resolutions for 2021

Start the new year with a bang by sticking to these resolutions. For more training tips and information, visit our blog.

1. Train for Something

It can be easier to get into a routine and stick to it if you are working towards something. Training for something will keep you motivated and enthusiastic to progress. Sign up for a bodybuilding competition or a half marathon. Draw up a training program and stick to it but do ensure that you give yourself sufficient time to prepare.

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2. Try Something New

Make this year the year where you put yourself out of your comfort zone. Sign up with a personal trainer, join a running club, start a spinning class, take a pilates class or try boxing. You may find the workout or people that will change the whole direction and dynamic of your fitness journey.

3. Workout in the Morning

This one is especially for those who procrastinate, who find any excuse to skip a workout or just lead a genuinely busy life. Try working out in the mornings, even a few times a week. You will feel accomplished before the day has even begun and it will be great to know that you can rest after a busy day of work instead of rushing to the gym. Remember, you also have a lot more energy in the morning as you haven’t been working all day, things are also less likely to come up in the morning.

4. Set Specific Goals

This will make it easier to track your progress and keep you moving forward. Going to the gym without a goal is like driving without a destination- pointless. Set a few realistic goals that you would like to achieve by certain dates, such as how much weight you would like to lose, distance you want to be able to run or weight you want to lift.

5. Make Active Off Days a Norm

Active off days are a great way to stay active without being stuck in routine. Over weekends, instead of indulging just in cheat day, go for a fun bike ride on the promenade, a hike or just a walk with family. These are meant to be enjoyable activities to prevent you from breaking routine.

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