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5 Tips to Overcome a Fitness Plateau


To overcome a fitness plateau can feel like an impossible stretch, but it is very possible. While the body does have its absolute limit that you will never be able to surpass, most people reach a fitness plateau long before this. That is because rather than hitting their body’s maximum limit, they have reached a limit on their motivation.

The 4 Most Common Reasons for a Plateau

There are a few reasons why you might have hit a plateau. Keep reading the blog as we discuss some of the most common reasons, including:

  • Becoming lax in tracking your progress,
  • You have lost weight but not adjusted your diet,
  • You haven’t had a good night’s rest, &
  • You’ve lost motivation.

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If you know there is still more to be gained from your exercises rather than just maintaining your peak performance, then it’s important to go through and check your habits.

5 Tips for Overcoming a Fitness Plateau

A fitness plateau is not the end of the world, it simply needs a renewed approach. Have you become lax in your diet or when tracking your exercise reps? Have you not adjusted your diet as you’ve lost weight? These are common reasons people hit a plateau, and with these top five tips, you’ll overcome them.

Fitness Plateau Tip #1: Track Progress Diligently

Go through your tracking methods and see if you have been slacking recently. Having a fitness watch can help with this immensely, but it is not necessary. Simply refocus on keeping better track of your efforts so that you can see clearly if you have been becoming lax in your exercises.

Fitness Plateau Tip #2: Set New Goals for Yourself

Once you reach your fitness goal, you can easily plateau. Keep going by making a new goal so that you stay motivated.

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Fitness Plateau Tip #3: Incorporate New Tools and Workouts

Another great way to overcome your fitness plateau is to introduce new elements into your workout routine. Our bodies are designed to find the easiest, most energy-efficient way to do things as possible. The same is true with your exercise routine. Switch things up, try new exercises, new tools, and workout machines to shock your muscles and keep going with your fitness goals.

Fitness Plateau Tip #4: Adjust Your Diet for Your New Weight

One big reason why you might be plateauing on your weight goals is that you have not adjusted your diet for your new weight. This applies both to those trying to lose weight and bulk up. As you get smaller, you naturally burn fewer calories, which means to lose more weight you will need to adjust your diet again. The opposite applies if you are trying to bulk up.

Fitness Plateau Tip #5: Give Yourself Proper Rests

Last but not least, remember it is important to get a proper night’s rest in. Your body needs to recover and muscles need to heal in order for you to properly understand the full benefits of your workout.

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