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Expert Tips for Fitness Challenges


We all face fitness challenges, and we all have our own hang-ups when it comes to fitness. At Jozi Iron, we understand how for those just starting out, it might be that you aren’t happy with your body or that you aren’t confident in how long you can even exercise for and don’t want to be that odd person out in a class. If you’re already a gym buff, then your fitness challenge might be how to overcome that plateau or how to reach that new weight class.

We all have some goals that we are working towards with our fitness routines, and this is the year for overcoming fitness challenges and reaching your dreams.

The Most Common Fitness Challenges

● Lack of Time to Exercise,
● Exercise Doesn’t Stimulate You,
● You Feel Self-Conscious,
● You Feel Too Tired to Exercise,
● You Cannot Afford Gym Membership…
● and the list goes on!

Fitness Challenges and Solutions to Help You Get Fit

To help you overcome your fitness challenges, you will want to follow these top tips:

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Be More Active in Your Everyday Life

The best way to become fit is to be more active. Go for a walk after work, for example, or take the stairs up to your flat. These small actions add up over time and will work to build up your stamina so that you don’t feel so self-conscious about enrolling in a fitness class or going to the gym.

Find Something You Enjoy

Being bored with exercise is another common pitfall. Avoid this issue by simply finding something that you enjoy. Try out different sports or activities that will help you stay active, make friends, and have fun.

Go With Friends or Family

If in doubt, always consider bringing a friend or family member with the same goals as you. This way you have someone there, you can bond with them, and get fit all at once.

Focus on Your Efforts not your fitness challenges

Track your progress diligently. This means making note of what you eat, how long you work out for and what you did, and how long you sleep each night. This is the best way to see your progress in the numbers.

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If you commonly feel tired when you otherwise plan on working out, it’s time to change things up. Work with your body. If you are more tired in the morning, then work out in the afternoon, if you are too tired after work, then fit in a workout beforehand.

Adjust Your Efforts as You Progress

In order to see ongoing results and avoid more fitness challenges, you need to adjust your efforts. If your aim is to lose weight, you need to continually reset your diet so accommodate your new bodyweight. If you are plateauing in your exercises, then you need to increase the repetitions or weights. Complacency often means that we don’t notice when we are slacking off, so switch things up and you’ll overcome your plateau and continue to progress towards your goals.

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