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The Ultimate Home Workout Kit


We’ve put together the ultimate home workout kit for you, because we know that working out at home has a ton of amazing benefits. For instance, there’s no one watching you or judging your “squat face”. You can try out new exercises without the fear of looking inexperienced. You’re also in control of the music you listen to during your workout. Working out at home is the stock-standard these days with gyms being closed during lockdown but working out at home also means you don’t have to pay for a gym membership or commute to your local gym. The list of benefits goes on, but there are few things that you’ll need to get started when working out at home.

Buying Home Your Home Workout Kit

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on expensive equipment to work out at home. In this article from our blog, we are looking at how to build your ultimate home workout kit.

A Set of Weights

You don’t need to have a home gym with a bench and barbells to do weight-training from home. A set of dumbbells are incredibly practical and versatile for your at-home workouts. Whether you’re working out on your own or following fitness programs, having a set of dumbbells, in a few different weights will allow you to perform a variety of moves to build strength.

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Workout Clothing

Since you’re at home, it may be tempting to forget the workout clothing and just exercise in whatever you have lying around. Workout clothing is specifically designed to improve your performance and make your workouts more effective. The compression in the garment helps hold your muscles in place while you perform your reps. It is also made of moisture-wicking material that helps to pull moisture away from your skin and evaporate easier.

Beyond the composition of the clothes, putting on workout gear has a mental effect on the brain. It signals your body that you’re in workout mode, helping to keep you motivated.
Jozi Iron even has a range of men’s apparel and women’s accessories to choose from.

An Exercise Mat

An exercise mat is essential for your at-home workouts. The mats protect your knees and elbows when doing specific exercises and they provide comfort to your spine when performing any exercises on your back. Carpeted floors are often slippery, and you don’t want to get your sweat drenched into them. You can do just about any type of workout on a gym mat, from yoga to HIIT.

Resistance Band

Tons of fitness coaches swear by resistance bands for both at-home and gym workouts. They are incredibly versatile, and you can perform an entire workout using just one small band. Any moves that you would typically do on cable machines, such as bicep curls, pulldowns, rotations, etc. you can mimic with your resistance band. You can tighten your grip on the band to increase the resistance and make the exercises more challenging.

Protein Powder

Get the most out of your workouts with good quality, and fast-absorbing protein powder right after your workout. Using protein, such as a whey protein, will supply your muscles with the amino acids they need to both repair themselves, and grow, right after a tough workout. Try to drink a protein shake immediately following your workout to optimise the benefits. You can shop protein products on our website.

Improve your Workouts with Our Help

Want to take your new home workouts to the next level? Take a look at all our products that will help you to perform better or get in touch with us today to see what you need for the ultimate workout.

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