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5 Bicep Triceps Workout Tips


Here is Jozi Iron’s top 5 bicep tricep workout tips that will help you build those arms that you have always wanted.

Set Some Strong Goals – Bicep Tricep Workout Tips

Beastly arms mean beastly biceps and triceps, and the best way to obtain them is to tackle both muscle areas at once and to combine these top bicep tricep workout tips to your routine. You can read more tips and tricks for your workouts on our blog.

Workout Hack #1: Slow Consistency is Key to Muscle Building

When working out, always be consistent in your motions. Lift slowly and feel the burn; count your breathing if you can, but if you struggle to do so, ask someone to spot you.

Workout Hack #2: Combine Tricep and Bicep Training

For the best results, you will want to combine your tricep and bicep training. This means working out your whole arm at once so that you can see results fastest.

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Workout Hack #3: Use Tri-Set Training for Maximum Benefit

What is a Tri-Set?

A tri-set is simply a set done in sets of three. You will be performing your bicep tricep workout in sets of three different muscle-building reps for maximum results.

What Do You Need?

For your tri-set training, you will need two dumbbells at weights you are comfortable with, a barbell, and cables. Work out both your biceps and triceps with these equipment tools in motions you are comfortable with and that burn your arms the most.

Workout Hack #4: Alternate Between Biceps and Triceps

To help you go longer, consider alternating between reps. For example, start with a simple dumbbell curl for your biceps, and then switch to a tricep rep to give your bicep a break before its next set.

Workout Hack #5: Start Small and Build Up Your Routine

If you are new to bicep or tricep training, it is best to start small and build your way up.

Increase Weights

A great way to start, and then continue to see progress as you go on is, to increase the weights you are working with bit by bit.

Increase Reps

Alternatively, you could also work to increase the number of reps for each set. For best results, slowly increase both weight and reps and you will see those beastly arms that you have always wanted.

Elevate Arm Day with our Bicep Tricep Workout Tips

If you want to further elevate your workout game then you can add supplements to the mix. Shop supplements from Amino Acids to ZMA or contact us for more!

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