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9 Gym Etiquette Rules that Everybody Should Know


Gym etiquette – all gyms have a set of written rules to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their clients. However, there are also a bunch of unwritten rules to ensure that everyone has the best workout experience without being disturbed or getting frustrated. Jozi Iron want you to have the best workout experience possible, so we are sharing some gym etiquette rules to ensure this.

Gym Etiquette All Gym Members Should Know

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1. Respect the Equipment Time Limit

Most gym equipment has a 20 to 30-minute time limit to ensure that everyone gets a chance to workout using the equipment and machines they need. Obviously, this doesn’t apply when the gym is quiet, but if you are training during peak hours, adhere to these rules to keep things moving swiftly.

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2. Wipe Down Equipment After You Use It

Nothing is worse than seeing someone drenching a machine with sweat, finishing their workout and simply walking away. There is nothing wrong with breaking a sweat in the gym, but ensure you give the equipment a wipe down when you are done.

3. Social Distance

Having someone squeeze into your space while you are trying to workout not only interferes with some of your exercises but is also extremely uncomfortable. If the area is cramped, do something else until space more space is free.

4. Put the Equipment Back in The Correct Place

This is frustrating because it wastes so much time when you have to walk the gym looking for equipment that has been used and ditched. If everyone put equipment back in the correct place, a lot of frustration can be avoided.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Noise

This goes for all kinds of noise. Ever worked out next to someone who kept groaning and grunting? It is extremely off-putting. Or someone who would aggressively slam down weights after deadlifting? Unnecessary. Unless you are a world-class bodybuilding champ, try keep the noise to a minimum.

7. Don’t Give Advice to Someone Who Hasn’t Asked for It

Unless the person is at risk of injuring themselves of someone else, don’t offer advice that has not been asked for. Whilst most people appreciate the help, many people already feel uncomfortable and intimidated in the gym without feeling that they are being watched. Leave the form correction to the gym employees.

8. Be Flexible with Your Workouts

If the equipment you are wanting to use is currently occupied, avoid hovering nearby and making the person feel rushed and uncomfortable. Be flexible with your workout and change it up until what you need is available- if the person exceeds 20 minutes, then politely ask them if you may use the equipment.

9. Read the Formal Rules

Most gym rules include guidance on how one should behave in the gym. Ensure you read through these to avoid unknowingly breaking any of the gyms stipulated rules.

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