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What is ZMA and How Can You Benefit From It

As an athlete or even just a lover of health and fitness, knowing all the tips and tricks that can help you perform better, reach your goals, and push yourself is essential. Some of the general tips you can come across might include drinking more water, eating a healthy diet, training yourself mentally to combat all the obstacles thrown at you, and exercising as often as possible to keep in shape. However, if you have tried all this and you aren’t feeling like your performance is improving or you are struggling to reach your goal, Jozi Iron has a tip

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5 Bicep Triceps Workout Tips

Here is Jozi Iron’s top 5 bicep tricep workout tips that will help you build those arms that you have always wanted. Set Some Strong Goals – Bicep Tricep Workout Tips Beastly arms mean beastly biceps and triceps, and the best way to obtain them is to tackle both muscle areas at once and to combine these top bicep tricep workout tips to your routine. You can read more tips and tricks for your workouts on our blog. Workout Hack #1: Slow Consistency is Key to Muscle Building When working out, always be consistent in your motions. Lift slowly and feel

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5 Benefits of Taking Pre-Workout

Have you considered the benefits of taking pre-workout? Working out, whether this is at home or the gym, is by far the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As you build up strength and stamina over time, your body will reap the benefits, from stronger bones to increased fitness and reduced risk of developing health conditions. We here at Jozi Iron are big fans! What about Pre-Workout? Are there any benefits of pre-workout that you could be making the most of that will help your workout? The short answer is, yes, there are. In this blog, we will take

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Expert Tips for Fitness Challenges

We all face fitness challenges, and we all have our own hang-ups when it comes to fitness. At Jozi Iron, we understand how for those just starting out, it might be that you aren’t happy with your body or that you aren’t confident in how long you can even exercise for and don’t want to be that odd person out in a class. If you’re already a gym buff, then your fitness challenge might be how to overcome that plateau or how to reach that new weight class. We all have some goals that we are working towards with our

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5 Tips to Overcome a Fitness Plateau

To overcome a fitness plateau can feel like an impossible stretch, but it is very possible. While the body does have its absolute limit that you will never be able to surpass, most people reach a fitness plateau long before this. That is because rather than hitting their body’s maximum limit, they have reached a limit on their motivation. The 4 Most Common Reasons for a Plateau There are a few reasons why you might have hit a plateau. Keep reading the blog as we discuss some of the most common reasons, including: Becoming lax in tracking your progress, You

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5 Fitness Facts that will Transform Your Workouts

If you have already set your goals to transform your workouts, then you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the absolute most from it, and the Jozi Iron team is here to help. 5 Facts about Fitness, that’ll Transform Your Workouts You may even already have a fitness regime in place, but it may not be servicing your needs in terms of muscle mass or cardio. Keep reading the blog as we reveal five fitness facts to boost your workout and reassess the way you approach exercise. Fact #1: More is Not Necessarily Better It’s important to realise that when

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Optimise Your Workouts by Understanding Your Wearable Output Data

With the rising trend of smartwatches, Fitbits and other fitness wearables, we’ve put together a guide for understanding your wearable output data. Wearable output data simply refers to the numbers generated as a result of smartwatches, or indeed any app on your phone that measures your health information. For example, some may keep track of how much sleep you’re getting, and others may time your workouts and measure your heart rate while you’re at it. understanding your wearable output data 3 Fitness Wearable Data Metrics You Should Focus On While it’s important not to get too preoccupied or obsessed with this

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10 Nutrients that are Vital for Muscle Building

Nutrients for muscle building is important, whether you’re looking to get a bit leaner, or truly start bulking. You may also be wondering how to improve your diet and what nutrients you should be taking.  then you may be wondering how to improve your diet to start building muscle. Unhelpfully, there are a lot of bogus nutrition facts out there, with some asking you to strip down your diet to the bare minimum, or others that are tied to branded supplements. Fortunately, Jozi Iron is here to help. 10 Nutritional Compounds that are Essential for Bodybuilding Instead, it is better

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