6 Hot Tips to help you stay fit in winter

Stay fit in winter

Now more than ever it is important to stay fit in winter – for your body and mind. However, Training through the cold South African winter months can sometimes be quite a challenge. With the icy temperatures and the shorter daylight hours, sticking to a routine is not always easy. The benefits of regular winter […]

5 Gym Mistakes You Might Be Making

It is always a good idea to know which gym mistakes you may be making. Most people join a gym to improve their physique and feel better about themselves. After several months of visiting the gym they may be confused as to why they are experiencing little to no results. There are a handful of […]

5 Fitness Facts that will Transform Your Workouts

If you have already set your goals to transform your workouts, then you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the absolute most from it, and the Jozi Iron team is here to help. 5 Facts about Fitness, that’ll Transform Your Workouts You may even already have a fitness regime in place, but it may not […]