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Your Complete Guide to Fat Burners


When people first hear the term fat burners, they often assume that these are wonder supplements that will make excess fat burn away almost instantly. While they aren’t the one-stop solution many might be hoping for, just like with every other Jozi Iron supplement, they can offer a range of benefits to your health and fitness. Specifically, fat burners contain ingredients that provide that extra boost of energy for a workout needed to shift that stubborn fat.

What are Fat Burners?

A fat burner is a type of nutritional supplement that focuses on increasing metabolic rates and energy levels. Many also cite their benefits to include: reducing fat absorption, increasing weight loss, and having long term effects on your fat metabolism.

A fat burner supplement can produce a range of different effects. To understand more about the particular effects a fat burner might have, it is necessary to understand how they work. For those looking for some workout advice or motivation, have a look at our blog page.

How do they Work?

Unlike, for instance, a painkiller, which must have a set amount of specific ingredients, fat burners are a type of supplement, which means that there can be a wide variety of ingredients present.

The majority of fat burners will contain some form of stimulant, such as caffeine, which helps to promote weight loss in two different ways. First, caffeine provides the energy needed for high-calorie burning workouts. Secondly, caffeine increases metabolism by breaking down fatty acids so they can more quickly enter the bloodstream to be burnt as fuel. Some fat burners even contain substances designed to stimulate hormonal reactions that break down fat.

Just because they contain caffeine, a fat burner does not promise to instantly burn all the food you have eaten. For fat burners to be successful, they must be taken as part of a healthy balanced diet and exercise routine. When our fat burners are taken in this way, they should help to promote fat loss over time.

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Are Fat Burners Safe?

Fat burner supplements are usually safe when taken in moderation and as part of a balanced and healthy diet. It is necessary for individuals taking fat burners to watch their calorie intake, to ensure they are not in too much of a calorie deficit. It is also important that you are aware of your normal stimulant intake too. For example, if you usually have about 4 or 5 cups of coffee a day, then it is important that you opt for a ‘stimulant free’ fat burner. Consult a doctor or nutritionist to find out more about the potential effects a fat burner might have on your health.

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We have a wide variety of fat burners you can try, in conjunction with a balanced diet and healthy exercise routine to help you lose weight. Contact our team at Jozi Iron for more information on any of our supplements.

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