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Barbarian Nutrition Beserk Nox 425g




BARBARIAN NUTRITION’S BESERK NOX is the ULTIMATE in Nootropic Technology and PUMP Enhancers. With Mental Focus like never before, Skin Tearing Pumps and Insane Strength…

1 serving is all it takes to unleash the inner BESERKER within and cause nothing but devastation for all that stand in your way!

Skin Tearing Pumps

The combination of L-Citrulline Malate and the registered GlycoPump are key ingredients used to promote vasodilation (expanding) of the blood vessels for increased muscle pumps during your lifting session.

Increasing muscle pumps and thereby blood flow to the muscles being trained improves recovery and lean gains.

Strength & Power Matrix

Increase your lifts with the help of a blended creatine matrix consisting of creatine monohydrate and a new form of creatine which is made in Germany called CreaZ.

CreaZ is creatine anhydrous which is the purest form of creatine as the creatine molecule is not bound to another like monohydrate is.

That means you need less CreaZ to get the same results as monohydrate.

Neurosensory Blend

The razor-sharp mental focus during your training sessions is key to maximizing your fitness gains.

Improved mental focus keeps you motivated during training, reduces distractions and most importantly improves the mind-muscle connection.

Barbarian Nutrition Beserk NOX is part of a new breed of nootropic pre-workouts that are designed to enhance mental ability and improve nutrient-rich blood flow to muscles.

Reviewing the formulation we can highly recommend giving this pre-workout a try if you want a break from the heavy stimulant-based products.


1 Heaped Scoop (1 Serving 17g) with 300ml water consume 30-45 minutes before you unleash havoc. A tingling sensation over your skin and a mind-altering sense of focus will trigger the sign that you are ready for battle.
Combine with a diet and training program for best results.
NOTE: This product contains GlycoPUMP TM – Due to the hydroscopic nature of this ingredient, the product may clump together. This is normal and can be broken down and is safe to use. It is important to keep in a cool dry area to control this process.


Seek advice from a health care professional before use if you have any pre-existing medical condition. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are being treated for heart disease or high blood pressure. Should not be used in conjunction with any prescription medication. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18.


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