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Barbarian Nutrition Hydra Charge 30 Serv


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Barbarian Nutrition Hydra Charge is a hydrating amino acid drink for protecting lean muscle and improved recovery.


All 9 Essential Amino Acids


This is a complete amino acid product containing all 9 essential amino acids which include BCAAs.

Research has shown that for BCAAs to be effective they need to be consumed together with other essential amino acids.

The BCAAs used in this product are InstAminos™ which is a trademarked blend of instantised BCAAs for superior mix-ability.




To fuel the most intense workouts a hydrating complex made up of electrolytes and CocOganic™ (coconut water powder) have been added.

Stating hydrated during and after your workout is vital to maximise recovery and lean gains.


Performance Boost


The vitamin B complex in Barbarian Nutrition Hydra Charge ensures for a stimulant-free workout performance boost.

This is the perfect training endurance product for athletes who train at night or prefer not to take stimulants.

Hydra Charge is a brilliantly formulated during workout drink designed to protect lean muscle, keep you hydrated and increase training performance. Try it now!

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