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BNL Swole Pre-Workout 750g


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BNL SWOLE pre-workout helps assist with pump and vascularity , enhancing that will aid to increase stamina and boost enrgy. Whether it is big pumps in the gym or an extra push during your recreational sporting activities , BNL SWOLE will help to up your game.


The pump spesific ingredients (Nitrosigne,Glysersize and Citrulline Malate)instantly rushes blood to the muscles which transports nutrients and oxygen faster. This rapid blood flow and nutrient boost to the muscle facilitates faster recovery which results in muscle growth.


To add strength and stamina to your workout experience, creatine monohydrate and malto dextrine is included to help increase your staying power. The salt content in BNL’s SWOLE compliments the nitrosigne by inhancing blood flow which results in an added pump

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