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Evolve Neuro-EAA Spectrum-9




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Evolve Nutrition Neuro-EAA Spectrum-9 represents the most up to date intra-workout performance technology.

Formulated for the hardest working athletes and fitness enthusiasts, or those who may not meet their complete amino acid requirements throughout the day.

Serves to elevate the availability of EAAs in the blood stream during and immediately after each workout, and has been shown to accelerate muscle tissue retention, recovery and the muscle full.

This unique offering includes 2 g of Taurine for proper cellular hydration and electrolyte balance in the muscle tissue. The inclusion of Taurine and phosphates, Himalayan Crystal Salt and Cococin™ , a natural coconut rehydration medium, rich in electrolytes with advanced gut health properties and elevated muscle performance levels ensures optimal hydration throughout each workout.

NooGandha™ features at its clinical dosage to enhance adaptogenic and nootropic effects for improved mind-muscle connection, recovery and muscle tissue retention.

NordicCherry® is included as a broad based bioactive polyphenol compounds, including flavanols, proanthocyanidins and anthocyanidins for broad based anti-inflammatory and enhanced joint care.

Evolve Nutrition Neuro-EAA Spectrum-9 is the most advanced essential amino acid product on the market.

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