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Nutritech Heavy-Duty Whey Protein 1.8kg


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Nutritech Heavy-Duty Protein is a protein shake designed to accelerate muscle gains and boost workout performance.




The recommended supplement stack for athletes and lifters wanting to increase lean muscle is a quality whey protein shake together with creatine.

Nutritech has combined their popular whey protein flavours and quality with their industry-leading CREATECH™ formulation for an all-in-one performance protein shake.


Workout Performance Boost


Creatine has been extensively studied for its ability to increase strength and power during explosive weight training exercises.

Each serving contains 5mg of the mineral Boron which in preliminary studies was shown to increase free testosterone in healthy adult males after taking 10mg Boron per day.


Lean Muscle Builder


Nutritech Heavy-Duty Protein is a muscle builder for individuals wanting to maintain or slowly increase lean muscle.

You get approximately 72 grams of protein per 100 grams of powder sourced from Nutritech’s PROVEN VI™ protein formula.

Nutritech has created an outstanding product to compete in the performance whey category.

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Chocolate Milk, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla Soft Serve

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