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TNT Circadian GABA [120 CAPS]


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TNT Circadian GABA contains a proprietary combination of Gabba, vitamins and herbs. Together these elements  enhance the uptake and production of Gabba. The use of daily stimulants such as caffeine, fat burners and sugars combined with work stress and excessive hours destabilises our natural circadian rhythms (sleep cycle).

TNT Circadian GABA assists in restoring our sleep cycle by preventing nerve impulses associated with anxiety from reaching motor centres in the brain. This is achieved by binding to or filling receptors called Benzodiazepine Receptors. Neural activity in the brain is sedated and over-firing prevented. Blocking these channels enables a more relaxed state before sleep and brings on a faster deep sleep. A tingling (pin and needles) sensation may also be experienced while supplementing with Mercury Circadian. Restore your sleep cycle and “reset your clock” with TNT Circadian GABA for a better more functional and energised daily routine.

GABAir™ Stimulates immunoreactive and immunofunctional growth hormone while resting.  GABAir™ influences the peripheral nervous system. Sourced from exogenous organic Reishi Mushrooms.

TNT Circadian GABA 
• Anti Anxiety
• Alleviates Insomnia
• Anti Stress
• Elevates Resting GH

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